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What Should You Know About Recycling E-Waste In The Nation’s Capital?

Posted by on Apr 20, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off

If you’re like many other Americans and have continued to upgrade your telephones, laptops, and other personal electronic devices as they become smaller and higher-tech, you likely have an entire kitchen or office drawer filled with old cell phones, MP3 players, and random charging cables. Disposing of this electronic waste, or e-waste, can be a tricky prospect in many areas — and in certain jurisdictions, like Washington, D.C., the disposal of e-waste is governed by various regulations that could have you facing stiff fines or...

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Sewer Gas: Where Does It Come From And How You Can Stop It From Taking Over Your Home

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A common, but frustrating, problem for homeowners is the presence of sewer gas in their homes. The odor is offensive, and it can even be dangerous if exposure is sustained for a period of time. Locating the source of the smell can be difficult, and many homeowners are left feeling helpless and embarrassed by it. If you have a problem with sewer gas, then the information below can help you understand three common causes and how you can properly address the situation. Keep reading to learn more: What is sewer gas? Sewer gas is actually a...

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Recycle More Than Cans To Decrease Your Home’s Environmental Impact

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Just about everything that you do every day produces waste. There are two ways to reduce your impact. The first is to throw less away, which can be difficult in modern society. The second option is to recycle as much as possible. Most people know that they can recycle aluminum cans, but there are plenty of other things that you can send to the recycling center to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the local landfill. Electronics Electronics have a growing impact on daily life. Since the industry is moving so fast, they are often...

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3 Earth-Friendly Ways To Move Out Of Your Dorm Room

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Moving out of your dorm room is a fact of college life. Whether you are moving out temporarily for winter break, moving to a new dorm over the summer, or moving out of campus housing permanently when you graduate, you will move several times during your college career. As anyone who has ever moved knows, it can be a process that generates a lot of trash and other environmentally unfriendly things. The good news if you’re an environmentalist is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can successfully move out of your dorm while...

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House Fly Infestations: Causes And Prevention

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An infestation of any kind of house pest is stressful and unwelcome. An infestation of house flies, particularly so. Unlike other pests who may remain hidden and make their infestation hardly known, a house fly infestation is overt. House flies make no effort to hide, and if you don’t manage an outbreak quickly soon your house will be overrun with buzzing flies. There are a few common causes of house fly infestations, as well as a number of ways to properly handle a house fly outbreak.  Causes of House Fly Infestations Flies will...

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